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This provides some basic info about the theory behind AC and DC motor controls.

help files and videos

Help Files and Videos

Help Files, FAQ's, and more

Go here to see our developing helpfile as well as our new video help file link. We also have a list of helpful links as related to the building the Open ReVolt motor controller also called the Cougar.

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Open ReVolt Wiki

The Link to the Ecomodder Wiki. Thanks to the Ecomodder team and member volunteers who have and continue to support this work.

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Paul & Sabrina's EV Stuff! has always strived to offer products that we would not be ashamed to use ourselves and share with others. We are a family owned business. We do our best to put Jesus first in everything we do including caring for God's creation. In addition, part of what you pay buying from our store goes to sponsor a child in Asia and a family in Africa. We are also hoping to begin support of a home for street children in Africa as our sales increase. Be assured that Integrity and trustworthiness are two very important values that we do our best to uphold. Check out our store, and start your EV project! You can see our Refund and shipping policy under the Secure Shopping Policy tab in the menu bar to the left.

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This website is in the middle of change. However, it is quite functional. Please visit the links here to learn how you too can have your own electric car. We are here to encourage and to help enable you towards great success in your EV project!

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