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EV Motor Controller Specifications


Paul & Sabrina’s EV Stuff!
Motor Controller Assembly Directions


Here is the link: P&S motor controller assembly directions Updated April 15, 2011


Here is the link the the older directions... for those of you who do not have the updated version.

P&S motor controller assembly directions for the older kit design

Open ReVolt Wiki
You can find the electric motor controller schematics and bill of materials there. A special thank you goes to Ecomodder and all those that has helped us put this wiki together.




EV Motor Controller (rev 2C) Specs.

1. High Pedal Lockout (the controller won't start if the accelerator is pressed down)

2. Cycle by cycle hardware overcurrent protection

3. Low voltage controller disable (if the control section power supply drops too low, the mosfet driver is disabled)

4. Controller accepts any pack voltage in the range of 0v up to 144v nominal. 0v won't have a very high top speed. :)

5. Throttle is proportional to current. No jerky starts. Very smooth operation at any speed.

6. It's not yet known how long the controller can run at a given current before the thermal cutback starts to kick in. There is a video of the controller running at around 200 amps for about 20 minutes in Phoenix during July, where the ambient temperature was around 108 degF.

7. There is temperature cutback, starting at around 75 degC.

8. More features coming in the next few days. Lots of software improvements. Reprogrammability.


Please see the video on our home page!

Here is another great video from Ben Nelson. In this video his EV is using the rev 2C motor controller design, which what we currently have ava at P&S EV store. Ben films and makes great videos. We love to watch them. Enjoy!

This is Ben's video, he's got lots a great videos and I'll post a few of them as time goes by. Thanks Ben!

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