What's the cost of your monthly gas budget?

One way to get motivated about an EV project is to save the equivalent amount each month you spend on gas towards your EV project. Then see how long it takes you to save what you need for the build.

Try it and tell us about it. We would love to know.



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EV Motor Controllers


Paul & Sabrina’s EV Stuff!
Motor Controller Assembly Directions


Here is the link: P&S motor controller assembly directions Updated April 15, 2011



Here is the link the the older directions... for those of you who do not have the updated version.

P&S motor controller assembly directions for the older kit design

Here is the link to our new question and answer page: Open ReVolt FAQ's


EV motor controller Wiki
You can find the electric motor controller schematics and bill of materials there. A special thank you goes to Ecomodder and all those that has helped us put this wiki together.


P&S AC Control Board


Fuel Efficiency Matters.


Get your EV project started with just 3 easy steps!

First, stop at our online store P&S EV Store and check out our Electric Car motor controllers. The Open Revolt design P&S EVmotor controllers is just waiting for you!


Second, go to EV Coupler Connection. If you are looking to make an electric car conversion, you'll need to connect the electric motor to your cars transmission. EV Coupler Connection has the Solution!


Third, Go to Cafepress.com/EV tshirts and get spiffy in a new Open Revolt shirt or hoody. Comes in most sizes.


We fully endorse EV Coupler Connection and Cafepress.com/EV tshirts.


Here is what one of our customers had to say:

"The package with the controller board arrived safe and sound this week. It seemed it took our customs a couple of days to process it but it's here now.
Wonderfully packed and so easy to assemble because of your labeling.
Thank you so much for this superb product, with superb service and superb friendliness.

Best regards,

Ed ter Laare "


Fuel Efficiency Matters

Especially to our wallets. And building your own electric motor controller makes your budget happy when it comes to an EV conversion project.

We are currently in the thick of everything that is EV motor controllers. We are currently working on a dedicated Wiki page for this topic (which is now mostly finished). This page has all the basic technical details you would want to know. We strongly suggest that you check the links page and check out Paul & Sabrina's 144v 500amp DC Electric Motor Controller wiki as well as the other links if you are interested in building EV Motor Controllers.

In the meantime, please visit the Ecomodder web site. There you will find our EV motor controller building journey chronicled under 'Paul & Sabrina's, inexpensive, open source, DIY motor controller'.

Have you been to P&S EV Store?

Our Wiki Link is Open. Don't revolt! Check it out!


Build Your Own Electric Car DVD! Now available at P&S EV Store today! This an awesome DVD and we highly recommend it!

"The instructional video is almost two-hours of “hands-on” style instruction, taking the viewer through all the aspects of building an electric car, using the Electro-Metro as an example. As a companion to the video disc, also included is a computer ROM disc with 50 YouTube videos and over 600 high-resolution photographs of the project. " -Ben Nelson, creator of Build Your Own Electric Car CHEAP


You can see more about this labor of love project at Build Your Own Electric Car DVD

EV motor controller Wiki
You can find the electric motor controller schematics and bill of materials there. A special thank you goes to Ecomodder and all those that has helped us put this wiki together.

This is an open letter to you, so don't revolt, go ahead and read it!

Well, if you haven't gotten the chance to see my video pic of the month, then you should. It's on the home page. It features Joe, an EV owner, doing drive testing with the current prototype from this family of Paul & Sabrina's 144v 500amp DC Electric Motor Controllers, the cougar (rev 2C), in his car. We are currently reworking some details of the design as I type. So, if you are really interested in this, there is a lot more to come. There is a growing community of very generous people contributing their time and resources to this project. We are very grateful and very excited about the things to come.

capacitorPlease enjoy this video of me testing the most current version of the 144v 500amp cougar prototype controller in my EV, which does not have enough batteries to really test it... but it was still fun. There are a few people doing beta testing and they will share photos and testing videos. We'll post them here as it comes.

This is a dramatically improved prototype of a Paul & Sabrina's 144v 500amp DC Electric Motor Controller for an electric car. Now available in the form of a kit. It is in the beta testing phase right now.

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